Banjaluka brewery

With care and pride

in the silence of our brewery, we create beers with a story of their own.


Modest brewers

Banja Luka 1873. Small village next to the city, which is filled with orchards and streams, there on the banks of the wild mountain river Vrbas, hardworking Trappist monks are tasting the first batches of freshly made beer. Following their decree “Ora et Labora“, these quiet monks are setting the foundations on which the finest and everyone’s favourite beer will continue to flow. this magic place, this small peace of land on which they are gathering to enjoy the fruits of their hard work, they call Banjaluka brewery, and without knowing it yet they are starting a story that will last for centuries.


Want to know more about Banjaluka beer and its history?



True beer-lovers, history enthusiasts and tourists now have unique chance to find out how did a small Trappist brewery became the biggest one in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will be able to see and learn about the tools and mechanisms used in beer productions decades ago. While visiting the entire beer production process, you will also get an unique opportunity to try unfiltered beer that is not sold anywhere, straight from the large holding tanks.

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Respecting the ways of life and traditions of those who have set the foundations of Banjaluka brewery, we have continued to create beers everyone would be proud of decades after. Many generations of brewers who have been making this perfect golden drink, had only one goal in mind and that is to quench the thirst and put smiles on the faces of everyone who would try their beers. We vow to uphold the values of the old brewers, and promise to continue creating the most satisfying beers for centuries to come.

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“Most of all, we care about wants and needs of our beer drinkers and those that are about to become ones. We strive to build and maintain the trust of our beer drinkers in everything we do.“